Temporary reception centre for Ukrainian refugees at Leimuiden Connexxion site

Since March 2022, we’ve been hosting Ukrainian refugees in the Kaag en Braassem municipality. We do this at various locations in the municipality, including ‘Het Oog’ (Rabobank building), at the vicarage of the Mariakerk in Roelofarendsveen, at the Kerkstraat in Woubrugge and privately at residents' homes.

From 1 July 2023, the reception centre at ‘Het Oog’ in Roelofarendsveen will no longer be available. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is still ongoing. Under the Temporary Protection Directive (RTB), the municipality has a legal responsibility to find a new temporary location for the people currently sheltered there.

Choice made for temporary location at Leimuiden Connexxion site

Research into a suitable temporary location led to the choice of a temporary reception site at the 'Connexxion site', Tuinderij 5 in Leimuiden. Cabins (so-called ‘living containers’) will be placed at this site in the coming period, offering space for at least 65 residents. These are the residents currently staying at ‘Het Oog’ in Roelofarendsveen. The location has to be ready by mid June. The cabins will remain in place for at least a year, because the legal obligation for this shelter will be in force until at least June 2024. This can be extended, depending on the situation in Ukraine.

We hope and expect that this location will be just as successful as the reception centre in Het Oog in Roelofarendsveen. Here, there is a pleasant dynamic between residents, volunteers, and concerned organisations.

Walk-in meeting for residents of Leimuiden

We will soon be organising a walk-in meeting for residents of Leimuiden. At this meeting, residents can ask questions about the temporary shelter. The walk-in meeting will take place on Wednesday 8 March from 17:00 to 19:30 at ‘De Ontmoeting’ in Leimuiden. You don't have to register. In the coming days, residents will receive an invitation to this meeting by mail.

Contact with other users of the site

The municipality is in touch with the current users of the site, such as the Huttenbouw organisation and the Province of South Holland. The municipality is in talks with these parties about the possibility of combining the activities.

Information for residents and volunteers at ‘Het Oog’.

The residents at volunteers at ‘Het Oog’ will soon also be updated on the developments and the upcoming relocation.

More information

You’ll find more information about the shelter of Ukrainian refugees in our municipality on our website page about Ukraine